Information Systems Security Engineer
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Information Systems Security Engineer - Columbia, MD

Job ID : 1158

Clearance required for this job : Full-Scope Poly

Information Systems Security Engineer
Clearance Level: Full-Scope Poly
Location: Columbia, MD


Provide IA system security engineering and assessment of Information System Security Engineering products, systems, and solutions, including systems security design analysis and studies, risk assessments, certification and accreditation activities, and other security analysis. Develop system security architectures and methodologies, develop system security engineering techniques and tools, and prepare emerging IA technology analyses. Using strong writing, presentation and interpersonal skills, they will brief and interact with senior client management and technical staff on high level technical aspects of assignments.
CISSP or other recognized industry certification.
Knowledge of appropriate policies, procedures, directives and frameworks
Knowledge/Familiarity with programs such as AEGIS,  JSF, BCTM (formerly FCS)

Contractor support may include the following:

a. TYPE 1 & 2 Certification Support
b. IA C&A Support
c. KMI Systems Level Support
d. IA Systems Analysis Support

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