JAVA/J2EE Developer
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JAVA/J2EE Developer - Columbia, MD

Job ID : 1207

Clearance required for this job : Full-Scope Poly

JAVA/J2EE Developer
Clearance Level: Full-Scope Poly
Location: Columbia, MD

Should have extensive experience with Java/J2EE including working knowledge of JSP, Servlets, and Spring. Some familiarity with Javascript, AJAX, and SOA/Web Services development. Experience with automated testing including JUnit and EasyMock. Working experience with Ant, JavaScript, YUI, and/or ExtJS would be a plus. Should also have some familiarity with database technologies including Oracle and PL/SQL development. Practical experience coding cross-domain solutions is also desirable.

Keywords: Java/J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Spring, AJAX, Ant, YUI

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