Software Developer/Java/Spring/Twister
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Software Developer/Java/Spring/Twister - Herndon, VA

Job ID : 1480

Clearance required for this job : Full-Scope Poly

Software Developer/Java/Spring/Twister
Clearance Level: Full-Scope Poly
Location: Herndon, VA

Software Developer - Java/Spring/Twister/SOA Development
Location: Herndon, VA
Clearance: TS/SCI with Full Scope Poly


• While implementing solutions, the developer must write code that avoids duplication, can be understood via unit tests, exhibits a high percentage of code coverage via unit tests, can be changed easily by other developers, and adheres to the checks enforced by the team’s continuous integration processes.
• Follow existing programming conventions on the team while also recommending new or better conventions where appropriate.
• Recommend and implement processes that improve the team’s overall development process and lead to higher-quality software that can be more easily maintained and changed.
• Analyze and study complex system requirements.  
• Design software tools and services to support software reuse and domain analyses and manage their implementation. Implement COTS packages.  
• Test, debug, and refine the computer software to produce the required product.  
• Prepare required documentation, including both program-level and user-level documentation.  
• Enhance software to reduce operating time or improve mission efficiency.  
• Provide technical guidance in software engineering techniques and automated support tools.  
• Provide technical direction to programmers to ensure program deadlines are met

Required Skills:
• Level 3 (5-13 years experience) or Level 4 (14+ years experience)
• Experienced in SOA development, specifically building and exposing services to consumers.  
• Expert skills in writing Java and unit testing to accompany.  

Preferred Skills:
• Experienced in using the Twister Data Framework, including skills in writing Twister flows and components.
• Experience with Spring-MVC and the overall Spring stack is preferred as well.
• Experience with keep a web tier codebase clean and organized (including the application of consistent coding and styling conventions) is desired as well.

Education: A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required

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